The disadvantages single parent homes have - and the advantages of single parenting

How do you feel about being a single parent?

Do you see the disadvantages single parent homes have or do you see advantages too? Do you feel the advantages single parenting would be better only if you had a mate? Do you feel you can’t be happy without a relationship? Mom-stress Do you feel that everything would be just fine if you could find that one special person; or if your ex hadn't done this or that you would still be a couple? Do you feel lonely? Does being a single parent make you think negative thoughts about yourself? If so, you can subscribe below for our series updates, and please consider this great resource book, "Singled Out"

Being single is a problem in itself that affects a great number of people.

Advantages and disadvantages single parent lives adds to that situation. You have to ask yourself, what is it about being single that makes people feel bad? Do you see single parent homes advantages in your life? Are you ashamed in any way of being a single parent family?

We spoke in our first article about society and the messages it sends about disadvantages single parent homes have and the messages we receive about "couple-hood". The message that a single parent home should be "fixed" and we should be finding a mate. For some of us that should be avoided totally, at least for a period of time best for your family.

The Parenting Plan concept provides valuable tips for all single parents.

After a divorce with children, there are 2 options; 1) parents get joint custody or 2) one of the parents get custody

In the last case, the non-custodian parent gets so called "visitation" rights. In both single and joint custody situations, you are alone as a parent when the children are with you.

In divorce cases, the ex partners are required to setup a so called Parenting Plan. In this plan the important issues for the lives of the children are defined.


Parenting Plan includes: education, health care, maintenance and religion, but also where the children live and when, how the transition between the 2 homes is organized, what happens during special occasions like birthdays and where they will stay during their Holidays.

In order to become a successful at seeing the advantages and the not live solely the disadvantages single parent homes brings, you must be able to recognize and resist the messages that make you feel bad about being a single parent. One of the top misconceptions today is that you need to be in a relationship to be happy, or have a full and meaningful life. Single parents facts and stats prove that wrong. In many anonymous polls it was recently found that life doesn't have to be difficult or depressing just because you are a single parent home.

Being a single parent home is only a problem-if you let it be a problem.

Yes there are advantages and the disadvantages of single parenting, but there is no reason to be depressed or embarrassed about being a single parent. As a widow for 17 years, and single parent ten years between my two marriages, it’s affected me for a good portion of my adult life. I used to believe that it wasn’t possible to be happy while being single-society told me so. I bought the message that I couldn’t and wouldn’t accept as a single parent who was happy that way. I’ve learned otherwise, and you can too.

If you allow the term “single parent” make you feel any of the negative stereotypes associated with being a "single" parent family, you are allowing negative pier pressure have power over you. You don't like your children falling into that pressure, don't do it to yourself. You have to be your own inspiration and encourage yourself to stand up to it and become the most happy, successful, single parent you can be. There are many of us single parent families out here that have done just that. We feel our lives are happy and fulfilling lives; using the advantages and the disadvantages of single parent homes to our family's benefit.

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