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Did you know that if you have outstanding current student loan debt, that you can consolidate that with other debt, and lower your monthly payments by about $150.00 or more?

If you currently have and owe on your education loans, you would qualify.

Personally, I found a company called ScholarShip Point, but there are many others. I can explain more about them for you.
Scholar Point is an online loan site-that's it...that's all they do. It uses a platform, designed for education finance calculations. It is quick, easy, and only takes a few minutes to find out. There is no wait, you get instant results.
Scholar Point helps users research all of their options and pick the best package to Consolidate your Student Loan

If you have ever applied before, you know how difficult and tedious traditional applications are.

They are confusing to say the least, as there are usually too many choices and options to chose from. This is where Scholar Point's platform made it easy. It chose the most suitable for me and my budget.

They offered me some of the industry's lowest rates and best discounts on the programs below. I lowered my monthly overhead and payments about 52% plus got another 0.50% discount for adding my auto payment, and paying on time.

Federal Loan Consolidation

This loan is available to any students and parents to combine their outstanding government guaranteed loans with a single monthly payment. You can learn more on their site about the consolidation rates and how they are determined. However, all federal education lenders use the same interest rate formula. In any regard, having one monthly payment is always easier and more manageable.

Private Loan Consolidation
These loans were created to help the recently graduated student through any private education loans up to $7500. You must have a very good credit standing for this.

Private Student Loans
Private Education Loans are unsecured consumer loans made to students and/or their parents to cover the cost of education only. They can cover costs not met by the federal or government-student loans.

Federal Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS) Loan
PLUS loans are available to a parent of a dependent undergraduate. Parents can borrower the total cost of education minus financial aid they have received.

Federal Stafford Loans
This loan is for students in an eligible post-secondary school. With No credit history requirement, the loan must be certified by the school the student attends. There are two types of Stafford Loans - the Unsubsidized and Subsidized loans. If a student proves the financial need they are eligible for the government to pay their interest on the loan until their own repayment begins.

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